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Dental Implants in Cheltenham

Welcome to Beyond Dental, where our dream is to help you achieve confidence with your smile. We’re here to complete your smile with treatments for dental implants in Cheltenham.

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What our patients think

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Dental Implants Key Features
  • Achieve a natural-looking smile
  • Offers a comfortable and long-term solution to tooth loss
  • Uses the latest in dental technology
  • Interest Free payments available, from just £45 a month

Putting Smiles On Our Patient's Faces


I found beyond dental to be very welcoming. They explained all treatments clearly. And made me feel at ease. Being a nervous patient. I would recommend this dental practice

Keith Lee

Wow! Fabulous dentist! Just registered myself and my two children after reading reviews. Went for our new patient check today. We're all nervous patients and have avoided the denist too long but the AMAZING team put us all at ease! The surgery, ethos and service are outstanding.

Rebecca Ford

Calm environment and the receptionist is friendly. She sits with you to go through your introduction and asks if you have any concerns or worries. Dentist is very informative including showing you a 3D scan of your mouth. There is a screen on the ceiling so you can watch TV to distract you. It's not often you can say going to the dentist is a pleasant experience, but this really is.

Benn Chatt

What a fabulous dentists! Such a relaxing atmosphere and the staff are all so friendly. I especially love the brush stop where I brushed my teeth before I went in to see the dentist. As a busy mum of 3 this is such a handy thing to have and something I’ve never seen before. Now I’ve found Beyond Dental I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Lizzie Hutchinson

What an absolute gem this place is! They have made this the most enjoyable visit to a dentist I've ever experienced. From the "brush stop" which is gorgeous and lets you brush your teeth before your appointment, to the beautiful green walls it is something to experience. I've never been excited to go back to the dentist before, but I am now!

Suzanne Thomlinson
Dr Ben discussing dental case beyond dental
Alternative Treatment Options

Dental Implants Might Not Be The Only Answer

Do you believe that dental implants may be the only answer to your dental concerns? Here at Beyond Dental, we carry out dental implant assessments for patients who think that dental implants are a suitable treatment to find if an alternative treatment may be better suited.

We can take X-Rays of your teeth and investigate your oral health, before exploring other alternative treatments to save us from jumping straight in with our dental implant treatments when they may not be needed. After our assessments for dental implants in Cheltenham, we may still recommend dental implants, but we will look to try and find an alternative treatment.

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Choose The Right Dental Implant Treatment For You
All on Four Dental Implants
Our treatment for All on Four in Cheltenham combats multiple tooth loss and is suited to patients who have full or partial tooth loss. With All on Four implant treatment, we can restore your smile and have you eating, chewing and talking with confidence again. 
Same Day Teeth
Are you missing perhaps one or a few teeth? With our treatment for Same Day Teeth in Cheltenham, we can give you a brand new smile in just one appointment. 
Treatment Led By Technology

New and Advanced Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implant treatments have advanced massively in recent years. Long gone are the days of costly and uncomfortable bridges and dentures. Thankfully, they are no longer the only options available when it comes to single or full dental implants. Here at Beyond Dental, we use the latest in dental technology to ensure that when you come to us for dental implants in Cheltenham, we can fit you with long-lasting, comfortable and effective implants.

Before we start your treatment for dental implants in Cheltenham, we’ll ask you to come into our Cheltenham clinic where we can show you a before and after of your smile with dental implants using our state of the art 5D scanner, so that you know exactly what you’re getting with your treatment.

Different Treatments Available

Types of Dental Implants in Cheltenham

We have a couple of different treatments for dental implants in Cheltenham, with each procedure designed to give you a new, complete smile that you can be proud of. These treatments are delivered by a dedicated team of dental practitioners who are passionate about not only giving you a new smile, but tips and advice on how best to care for your oral health after your treatment, too.

Whether you’re looking for a same day transformation with our Same Day Teeth implants or require a more permanent solution as a result of more drastic tooth loss with our All On 4 dental implants, our team is here to help you find the right treatment!

To arrange a consultation for our dental implants in Cheltenham, contact the team at Beyond Dental today!

Same Day Consultations

Dental Implants in Cheltenham

To start your journey with Beyond Dental, we can arrange an initial consultation with our experts either at one of our luxury clinics or in the comfort of your own home with a virtual appointment. We will talk through what you are looking for, your oral health and your options for dental implants in Cheltenham.

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Easy To Manage Finance Plans

Interest Free Payment Plans

Break down the cost of your dental implant treatment into smaller, more manageable chunks with our flexible payment plans! As well as 12 months interest free we also offer up to 5 year term finance options as well if required.

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FAQs - Dental Implants in Cheltenham

Are Dental Implants Uncomfortable?

In terms of the treatment itself, having dental implants in Cheltenham is not an uncomfortable process. The treatment areas will be completely numbed, so you may have some feeling during the procedure but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable or painful. When you are recovering, it is normal to feel some discomfort as the implants heal, but your dentist will be able to advise on the right medication to assist with this.

Once your implants have healed, they will not be uncomfortable at all. A significant benefit of dental implants over alternatives like dentures is that they function like normal teeth completely, in terms of how you are able to smile, chew, speak and also your oral health routine. So, this also means you won’t find them uncomfortable! Having dental implants in Cheltenham helps to provide a long-lasting solution to give you a full, happy and healthy smile.

How Long Should Dental Implants Last?
It is highly likely that your dental implants will last for over 10 years, with many lasting closer to between 20 and 30 years. Dental implants in Cheltenham do provide a permanent solution to tooth loss, yet the longevity of them does depend on your oral health routine. With regular brushing, flossing and dental checkups, you are much more likely to prolong the life of your dental implants. After the treatment, your dentist will outline all of the important oral health points to make sure you are keeping your smile, and your implants, as healthy as possible!
What Do Full Dental Implants Look Like?
At Beyond Dental, when we are creating and fitting dental implants in Cheltenham, we always have a focus on creating a natural looking smile. So, once you’ve had your treatment, full dental implants should look like a completely natural smile! Using our 5D scanning technology, we are able to show you exactly what your teeth will look like after having dental implants, so you can make an informed decision about whether this is the right treatment for you.
Can You Eat Normally With Dental Implants?

In the weeks after having dental implants in Cheltenham, it is best to avoid very hot or crunchy foods, and instead eat cooler, soft foods that you can easily chew. At this point, your implants are still healing and so is your jawbone and the tissues, so eating softer foods will help you to reduce any damage or displacement. For the three to six month period after your treatment, this is the time when you should carefully follow your dentist's instructions to a tea, as this can help to ensure your smile lasts for as long as possible.

Once your implants have healed and your dentist has confirmed everything is looking good, then you can eat completely normally! You can eat whatever you would like without any trouble, no more removing dentures!

What Are The Benefits of Full Dental Implants?
There are many benefits of having full dental implants, with one of the most important being that they act like completely normal teeth! You can eat, chew, smile and talk just as you usually would, without any of the restrictions that can come with dentures. With our dental implants in Cheltenham, we will also ensure that you achieve a natural looking smile, to help you regain your confidence in all areas of life.
Do You Offer Sedation For Dental Implants?
Yes, sedation is an option if you’re having dental implants. If you’re a nervous patient, or would simply prefer to be sedated when having dental implants in Cheltenham, we can discuss this as an option during your consultation. We want every patient to be as comfortable as possible, as sedation could be the right route for you.
Inspirational environments that make you feel confident and comfortable
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Other Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments


Smile Makeover Dentist Treatments

Have you got your dream smile in mind but you aren’t sure which treatments you need to achieve it? Well, you’re in the right place. At Beyond Dental, we are a smile makeover dentist, meaning we can create a personalised treatment plan using a combination of different cosmetic treatments to get you the smile you have always dreamed of.


Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

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All On Four Dental Implants

All On Four dental implants are a revolutionary treatment, providing a modern solution to traditional dentures. If you’ve long suffered from ill-fitting dentures or failing teeth and are looking for the comfort of stable and natural looking teeth, All On Four dental implants can help to restore your smile and self-confidence.


Permanent Teeth Veneers

Here at Beyond Dental, we understand all too well the effect that having a less than perfect smile can have on your confidence. By using quality and high-durable materials, our permanent teeth veneer treatments can provide a natural finish and give you a gleaming new smile!

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Adult Orthodontics

If you're conscious about your teeth and are looking for a teeth straightening or adult orthodontic treatment, then great news! We have a number of teeth straightening options for you and all of them result in an amazing smile you can be proud of.

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