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Visit Our Dentist in Summertown, Oxford

We are one of the leading dentists in Summertown, Oxford providing cosmetic and general dental treatments for patients in Summertown and the surrounding areas. Opening in 2024, we're now welcoming new patients to join our pre-registration list.

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Oxford - Opening Soon!

We have been very busy converting the former HSBC bank into a brand-new, state of the art dentist in the heart of Summertown. We're scheduled to be open this summer and we would love to add you to our pre-registration list so that we can welcome you as a new patient as soon as we open later this year.

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Enjoy Your Dentist Appointments

The Importance of Visiting Our Dentists in Oxford

Here at Beyond Dental, we’re strong believers in that prevention is better than the cure. This is why we recommend keeping up with regular dental check ups with our dentists in Oxford. A lot of patients think that it’s easy to spot when something is amiss with their oral health, but there are so many problems that can be easily missed. Oral health issues can have a knock on impact on other areas of your health, which is why it’s so important to maintain regular visits to your dentist and ensure your oral health is top of your priority list. Our dentists in Oxford do this by:

  • Checking every element of your mouth, teeth and gums during each check up. This allows us to identify issues early on and reduce the need for invasive procedures and treatments in the future.
  • Our team of dentists in Oxford are on hand to offer support where needed and help you maintain the best ways to care for your oral health at home.
  • When you visit our dental practice, you can sit back and relax in our modern and luxurious practices.
  • If any potential problems are spotted, then your dentist will take action and create a personalised and bespoke treatment plan in order to keep your smile happy and healthy.
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Dedicated Brushing Spaces

Visit Our Brush Stop

Brushing your teeth before you visit the dentist is important, but we understand that sometimes life just gets in the way and you might not always get chance, or simply don’t fancy carrying your toothbrush around with you. At our dentist in Oxford, we have dedicated Brush Stops so that you can freshen up before your appointment, with complimentary toothbrushes and toothpaste.

We also have luxury toiletries, including Aesop hand soap, for you to use and enjoy whilst you’re here, too. Our dental team are on hand to provide you with tips and advice on how best to brush your teeth, as well as care for your mouth and gums, too.

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Benefit From Our Subscription Plan

Complimentary Teeth Whitening

Everyone deserves a smile that they are proud to show off, with teeth and gums that are healthy. This is why, with our subscription plan, you can get twice yearly dental checkups, twice yearly hygiene appointments and complimentary teeth whitening, whenever you want, from just £25 per month. If you’re a new patient at our dentist in Oxford, then our team will be more than happy to discuss our subscription plan with you in more detail.

When you join our subscription plan as a patient at our private dentist in Oxford, next time you come in for a check up or hygiene appointment, you can get teeth whitening treatment at no extra cost!*

*Patients need to be subscribed beforehand to access this benefit

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Additional Subscription Plan Benefits

Get 10% Discount On All Treatments

When you sign up to our subscription plan, you also get a 10% discount on the total cost of your treatment plan at our dentist in Oxford.

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Putting Patients At Ease

Dedicated Nervous Patient Treatments

No matter if you’re a naturally nervous dental patient or simply haven’t had a check up in a while and aren’t quite sure what it involves, then we understand that visiting our dentist in Oxford can be a bit daunting. At Beyond Dental, we’re extremely welcoming to nervous patients and we can offer a “meet and greet” appointment, where you get to meet our dentists and have a look around our dental practice in Oxford. Once you get comfortable with our team and clinic, we’ll be happy to take you through the booking process and discuss the treatment you’re interested in. Our patients have found that this approach really helps them to feel at ease when visiting the dentist.

Joining As A New Patient
When you join Beyond Dental as a new patient at our dentist in Oxford, here is what you can expect.
New Patient Consultation
When you join as a new patient, we’ll invite you in for a new patient consultation. During this, you will meet your dentist in Oxford and be able to tell us more about the treatment you are interested in and the results you are looking to achieve.
Pre-Treatment Review
When you meet your new dentist, they’ll carry out thorough pre-treatment checks. This just allows us to take a look at your current oral health and see if there are any concerns we need to be aware of before we get your treatment started. We’ll carry out X-Rays and 5D scans, which allows us to take a closer look at your oral health.
Building Your Treatment Plan
Once your pre-treatment checks have been carried out, your dentist in Oxford will then put together a comprehensive and bespoke treatment plan, tailored specifically to your Beyond Dental journey. We ensure that this is done in a pressure-free environment, with no obligation, so that you can take the information home before making an informed decision on whether you’d like to proceed with the treatment plan.
Save With Our Subscription Plan
A great option for new patients at our dentist in Oxford is our subscription plan. From just £25 per month, you get 2 dental check ups and 2 hygiene appointments per year, as well as free teeth whitening whenever you like. As well as this, you also save 10% off the total cost of treatments with us!
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Dedicated To Maintaining Healthy Smiles

Smile With Confidence

At our private dentist in Oxford, our team are passionate about keeping your smile happy and healthy, as well as giving you a confident and bright smile. We do this through our focus on preventative dentistry, paired with innovative and transformative cosmetic dental procedures. During dental check ups, we look to identify any problems, no matter how small they may be, and look to fix them then and there unlike public dentists, where they may ask you to come back in a few months which only allows the problem to worsen.

As a leading private dentist in Oxford, we invest in the latest dental technology which allows us to ensure that every treatment is as efficient and effective as it can be. We also have the time to dedicate to you and schedule our time to reflect this, which means that there are no lengthy waiting times or rushed appointments. Put your trust in Beyond Dental and get the smile you deserve!

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Payment Options To Suit You

Flexible Payment Plans

We’re strong believers in the fact that our patients should be able to access the treatments that they both want and need. This is why we offer flexible payment plans which break down the cost of treatments and procedures into smaller and more manageable chunks. We will never ask for large upfront payments towards your treatment or spring payment requests on you - it can all be broken down on your terms.

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FAQs About Our Dentist in Oxford

What Makes Our Private Dentist in Oxford Different From Other Practices?

At Beyond Dental, our ethos centres around providing dentistry with a difference and showing our patients how dental treatments should be done. At our Oxford dentist, the practice is inspired by luxury and uses leading edge technology to ensure that our treatments are effective and efficient, reducing the need for invasive procedures. We’re continually investing in our practices to ensure they not only meet the needs of our patients, but our dentists too.

The team at our dentist in Oxford are driven with a passion to provide exceptional treatments, and amazing patient service. If you’re constantly let down or unsatisfied with your dentist, get in touch with Beyond Dental and book your consultation today.

What Treatments Are Available?
At our dentist in Oxford, we offer a wide range of different cosmetic and general dentistry treatments. From root canal and fillings to teeth whitening and Invisalign, we’re confident that you can achieve a healthy and long lasting smile with our treatments here at Beyond Dental. Whether you’re looking for a new Oxford dentist for your general dental treatments or would like to transform your smile with our Smile Makeovers, we’re here to help!
Is Your Dental Practice In Oxford Accessible?
Yes, our dental practice in Oxford is accessible for patients. Whether you’re visiting with children or have mobility issues, we’ll be able to assist you where possible.
Why Should I Consider Joining A Private Dentist in Oxford?

NHS dentists are going through a crisis, which is making it more difficult for patients to get the treatments they need within an adequate time frame, that is if they can become an NHS patient at all. By joining Beyond Dental at our private dentist in Oxford, you can be assured that getting an appointment is easy all thanks to our easy online booking system - simply select the treatment you need and choose the time and date which is most convenient for you. In most cases, we’re able to offer you an appointment the same week, rather than weeks in advance. We may also be able to give you a same-day appointment depending on the availability of our dentists.

Price is something which can put a lot of patients off from joining a private dentist in Oxford. However, this is based off of pricing structures from the past. Here at Beyond Dental, we have a number of options available to suit our patients. Whether you want to pay for the total cost of your treatment as and when it’s complete, then that’s an option, or if you want to break the cost down into smaller monthly payments, you can do that too. We also have a fantastic dental subscription plan available for our patients where, for just £25 per month, you get access to a range of benefits including twice yearly dental check ups and hygiene appointments, complimentary teeth whitening and 10% off the total cost of your treatment.

As a private dentist in Oxford, we’re truly passionate about your oral health and we care about our patients and their experience with us at Beyond Dental. Right from the moment you submit your initial enquiry about joining us as a patient, we’re committed to giving you the very best dental experience.

Our practices have been designed with our patients in mind and this is evidenced at our dentist in Oxford with our dedicated Brush Stops, amazing dental technology and welcoming and friendly team. We’re sure that, if you decide to join Beyond Dental as a private patient at our dentist in Oxford, you won’t regret your choice - if anything, you’ll regret not joining sooner!

I’m Not Sure What Treatment I Need - Can I Still Visit Your Dentist in Oxford?

Of course! At Beyond Dental, we offer free consultations with our patients to find out more about what it is they want from their dental treatment. No matter if this is something as simple as root canal or a more complex treatment, such as dental implants, we’ll always have a chat with you to learn more about the treatment you’re interested in, as well as the results you want to achieve.

If you’re not sure what treatment is best suited for you, then please contact our dentist in Oxford and our team will be more than happy to help. We can provide phone consultations, where you can speak with one of our dentists, or schedule an appointment at our dental practice in Oxford and then get your treatment started!

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