We are here to discuss the benefits of seeing a private dentist and why you should always consider this before committing to an NHS space.

The Benefits of Seeing a Private Dentist


There are a whole host of different benefits of seeing a private dentist as opposed to an NHS dentist. The benefit of subsidised NHS places is the reduced cost, however spaces for adults widely unavailable, and unfortunately, you very rarely have access to the same level of treatment and care that a private dentist is able to offer. Even if an NHS space is available at your dentist, we are here to discuss the benefits of seeing a private dentist and why you should always consider this before committing to the NHS space. 


5 Benefits of Seeing a Private Dentist

Shorter waiting lists

The first significant benefit of seeing a private dentist is shorter waiting lists. The demand for NHS spaces at dental practices is extraordinarily high and waiting for a space for subsidised treatments can take years, and even then it is never guaranteed that you will be able to secure one. 

However, private dentists have complete control over how many patients they take on and when. Private dentists are not as oversubscribed, and although there is always a focus on maintaining a fantastic level of care, you will be able to access appointments and treatment very quickly, often the same week (at Beyond Dental, usually we can bring you in for a same day consultation if needed). This also then translates into a greater flexibility when booking appointments moving forward. 

If you need to book an appointment or want to start your journey at a dentist, shorter waiting lists are certainly a benefit of seeing a private dentist


Shorter waiting times

Along with shorter waiting lists, shorter waiting times when you come in for appointments are another benefit of seeing a private dentist. Often at NHS dentists, you could be waiting a significant amount of time for your appointment, which can be a major inconvenience. 

With a private dentist, the best practices will assign a longer time slot than is necessary, to enable a thorough appointment and also to account for unexpected delays, which often occur in the medical industry. This way, even if an appointment does take longer than anticipated, the next appointment can still begin right on time. So, you can head to your private dentist before work as you know you will still be on time, or in your lunch break as you can confidently know you will be back in time for the end of the hour. 


More innovative technology

One of the major benefits of seeing a private dentist is that they are able to offer more innovative technology. As private dentists are able to choose their own pricing, they naturally have more to invest in cutting-edge technology for their dental practices. Not only does this benefit the dentist, but massively the patient, as treatments are usually more efficient, less invasive and create better results. 

For example, as opposed to needing to take moulds prior to treatments, private dentists invest in 5D scanners. Within seconds, a full scan can be taken of your teeth and then braces, retainers, dental implants, crowns or whatever product is necessary can be created using the scans. More comfortable and accurate for the patient, more efficient for the dentist, a win win! This is just one example of what can be done when proper investment is assigned to technology, showing just a small proportion of how you can benefit from seeing a private dentist. 


Wider range of treatment options

Continuing from the previous benefit of seeing a private dentist, another benefit is a wider range of treatment options. This is partly enabled by the better technology that widens the scope of treatment opportunities, but it is also the timing element. You aren’t going to be rushed in and out when having a treatment with a private dentist, but they have much more time to offer core treatments in conjunction with more specialist ones to create exceptional results. 

One example would be with teen and childrens orthodontics, where usually metal braces would be the default option. However, private dentists would be able to offer a wider choice of treatments depending on the patient, including Invisalign, to provide the most efficient and comfortable treatment for each individual. 

Another example is smile makeovers. Rather than offering different core restorative or cosmetic treatments in isolation, such as a dental bridge, composite bonding or a dental crown, a range of cosmetic treatments can be used in tandom to create the patient’s dream smile. Invisalign, composite bonding and whitening could be used in conjunction, or a dental bridge, composite bonding and whitening, combinations that may not be offered at NHS dentists. These are just a few examples, when in reality, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your dream smile with a private dentist. 


In-depth preventative care

Last but not least, another benefit of seeing a private dentist is that they are able to offer in-depth preventative dentistry. Rather than a quick scan of the teeth in a check-up, when you go to a private dentist for your dental care, you will have a completely different experience. There will be no rushing, but instead, you will be given a long time slot where a thorough examination of the teeth, mouth, tongue and gums will be carried out, any necessary scans and x-rays will be taken and there will be a in-depth discussion to highlight any other health issues. Another benefit of seeing a private dentist for your preventative care is that you will also be given personalised advise based on your oral health so you can look after your dental hygiene whilst between appointments. At Beyond Dental, we will always be on hand if you have any questions, concerns or queries. 


Final thoughts 

Although there are endless amounts of benefits of seeing a private dentist, you really won’t be able to fully appreciate them until you experience them for yourself! So, if you want to get your journey started, get in touch with our fantastic team who will be more than happy to tell you more about what we do and how we can help you establish a happy and healthy smile.