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Invisalign in Solihull

Do you want a straighter smile without uncomfortable or unsightly metal braces? If so, Invisalign in Solihull might be the answer for you! Here at Beyond Dental, we're diamond providers of Invisalign and have provided thousands of patients with straighter smiles thanks to the clear, comfortable and removable Invisalign aligners.

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Invisalign Key Features
  • Realign and straighten your teeth in as little as 6 months.
  • Flexible payment plans, from as little as £79 per month.
  • Complimentary teeth whitening after your treatment for Invisalign in Solihull.
  • Discreet, almost invisible, aligners.
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Dentistry As It Should Be

State Of The Art Treatment

Here at Beyond Dental, we hold Diamond Invisalign status, meaning that we’re one of the leading practices offering Invisalign in Solihull. Less than 1% of UK dentists reach this level of expertise and experience, so if you’re looking for Invisalign in Solihull, you can rest assured that you’re in the right place!

Having Invisalign treatment is usually, for other dentists, a guessing game. At your standard dental practice, there is typically no preview of how your smile will look after your treatment. But, here at Beyond Dental, we can show you exactly what your smile will look like following your treatment for Invisalign in Solihull. We use the latest dental technology and 5D scanner so that there is no guesswork involved. Just results you can see and trust in a matter of seconds.

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Putting Smiles On Our Patient's Faces


I found beyond dental to be very welcoming. They explained all treatments clearly. And made me feel at ease. Being a nervous patient. I would recommend this dental practice

Keith Lee

Wow! Fabulous dentist! Just registered myself and my two children after reading reviews. Went for our new patient check today. We're all nervous patients and have avoided the denist too long but the AMAZING team put us all at ease! The surgery, ethos and service are outstanding.

Rebecca Ford

Calm environment and the receptionist is friendly. She sits with you to go through your introduction and asks if you have any concerns or worries. Dentist is very informative including showing you a 3D scan of your mouth. There is a screen on the ceiling so you can watch TV to distract you. It's not often you can say going to the dentist is a pleasant experience, but this really is.

Benn Chatt

What a fabulous dentists! Such a relaxing atmosphere and the staff are all so friendly. I especially love the brush stop where I brushed my teeth before I went in to see the dentist. As a busy mum of 3 this is such a handy thing to have and something I’ve never seen before. Now I’ve found Beyond Dental I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Lizzie Hutchinson

What an absolute gem this place is! They have made this the most enjoyable visit to a dentist I've ever experienced. From the "brush stop" which is gorgeous and lets you brush your teeth before your appointment, to the beautiful green walls it is something to experience. I've never been excited to go back to the dentist before, but I am now!

Suzanne Thomlinson
4 Simple Steps To Your New Smile
Free Consultation
Book a free consultation and get a 5D scan of your teeth so you can see how amazing your smile will look if you decide to have Invisalign treatment.
Individual Treatment Plan
Once you’ve decided to go ahead with our treatment for Invisalign in Solihull, your dentist will put together an individual treatment plan, whilst explaining the different payment plans available.
Get Your Treatment Started
When it’s time to start your treatment, your dentist will show you how to use your Invisalign aligners. During your treatment, you’ll come back and see us for checkups so we can monitor your progress.
Finishing Touches
Once your treatment is complete and you’ve got beautifully straight teeth, we offer complimentary teeth whitening so that you can show off your new smile.
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Stress-Free Dental Subscription

10% Discount for Invisalign Treatment in Solihull

Sign up for our subscription package and you can receive 10% off the cost of your Invisalign treatment instantly! With so many more benefits and perks, find out more about our subscriptions here.

More About Our Subscription Plans
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FAQs - Invisalign in Solihull

Is Invisalign In Solihull Expensive?
Whilst there is a stigma around Invisalign being more expensive than traditional braces, they are in fact comparable and within a similar price range. We aim to make all of our treatments accessible, as we are strong believers that everyone should have access to exceptional dentistry. That’s why all of our cosmetic treatments, including Invisalign in Solihull, are available with our flexible payment plans to break down the cost into manageable chunks.
Who Qualifies For Invisalign In Solihull?
People who are seeking Invisalign in Solihull can benefit from the procedure if they are suffering with any form of misalignment in their teeth. Also, both adults and teenagers are eligible for the treatment, therefore there are limited age restrictions. During an initial consultation, we will have a chat about what it is you’re looking for, as well as conducting a thorough oral health exam, to make sure you’re the right candidate for Invisalign in Solihull. We will also introduce alternative treatment options if we think they would be a good choice for you.
Why Choose Clear Braces in Solihull Over Traditional Braces?
The answer to whether clear braces or traditional braces are the better choice for you is solely down to your personal case, including how much movement is required and how long you ideally would want the treatment to be. If you are seeking Invisalign in Solihull, you can benefit from the aesthetic appeal that they provide, whereas traditional braces do not have the same invisible effect. During a consultation, this will all be discussed in detail so you can make an informed decision about what is the right treatment for you, with the assistance of our dentists of course.
Are There Any Risks Involved With Clear Braces In Solihull?
There are no risks involved with clear braces and they are extremely easy to maintain. Our treatments for Invisalign in Solihull are carried out with the latest dental technologies to ensure that not only are the perfect results achieved, but also our patients have the most seamless and pain free process possible. Invisalign involves the patient wearing a sequence of aligners over the course of the treatment to gradually move the teeth, and when a new set of aligners are worn for the first time, it can cause some discomfort. However, this can be minimised with standard painkillers.
Why Choose Beyond For Invisalign in Solihull?
At Beyond Dental, we have Diamond Invisalign status, meaning we’re in the top 1% of providers in the UK. This is a result of our expertise and experience, so you know that you will be in the safest hands and also get the best possible results. On top of this, when you choose us for Invisalign in Solihull, you’ll get to enjoy our stunning clinics, Brush Stops to freshen up before your appointment, state of the art technology and an extremely passionate team, all of which combine to provide you with the best dental experience possible!
Inspirational environments that make you feel confident and comfortable
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Leamington Spa – Reception
Comfortable clinics for you to enjoy

Solihull – Dental surgery

Dentistry doesn't have to be boring, life's all about colour
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We love to show patients dentistry as it should be

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A place to brush before you see the dentist #BrushStop

The Brush Stop

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