Is mouthwash worth it seems to be a question on everyones mind. Here we will answer all the questions as to why, when and who mouthwash would work for the most.

Is Mouthwash Worth it?



There has long been controversy as to whether mouthwash is worth it, and whether using mouthwash regularly is harmful, or helpful, for your oral health. Here at Beyond Dental, we believe that the use of mouthwash, along with flossing and brushing, should form part of your overall daily oral health routine. But, what benefits does it have, and is using mouthwash worth it? Let’s take a closer look!

What is Mouthwash?

Before establishing whether mouthwash is worth it, it’s important to understand exactly what it is and its purpose for your overall oral health. There is more to mouthwash than the simple fact that it gives you fresh breath. Many products claim to offer the benefits of mouthwash, and while a lot of them are dentist-approved, some are much better than others based on the results of these factors: 


  1. Fresher breath.
  2. Contains sodium fluoride – which reduces tooth decay.
  3. Anti-inflammatory properties that treat and protect the gums.
  4. Whiten your teeth with a bleaching agent.
  5. Preventative properties such as antiseptic or anti-plaque ingredients keep gum disease at bay.

Types of Mouthwash You Can Choose

There are specific mouthwash products that offer different benefits and focus on one or more dental hygiene issues.

Desentisising Mouthwash

Desensitising mouthwash is perfect for those who struggle with sensitive teeth or gums, as it contains arginine, which can help relieve these symptoms. If you have sensitive teeth or gums, then we can discuss this during your dental check-up or hygiene appointment and find the best option for you. 


Fluoride Rinse

For added protection and to prevent tooth decay, fluoride rinse mouthwash usually contains around 0.05% sodium fluoride. If you have trouble fighting cavities or keeping problems at bay, it would be best to incorporate this mouthwash into your dental hygiene regimen. 


Mouthwash for Bad Breath

Some people might struggle with bad breath and, while it might not be a dental issue, there are specific brands that promote themselves as getting rid of bad breath all day. These brands are best avoided, as chances are that they don’t offer the protection they promise. Many people wonder if mouthwash is worth it for bad breath, and there are some considerations to keep in mind.


Halitosis affects roughly 50% of the general population, so if your only concern is keeping your breath fresher for longer, you should consider adopting a mouthwash that contains zinc acetate and chlorhexidine diacetate. However, bad breath can be an indication of developing oral health issues, such as tooth decay and failing fillings, so if you find that your bad breath is lasting longer than a week or two, then we recommend booking an appointment with your dentist. 


Teeth Whitening Mouthwash

If you are after some cosmetic enhancements, deciding whether mouthwash is worth it comes into consideration if it contains a bleaching agent commonly known as hydrogen peroxide, which aids with white teeth and removes stains over time. If you are undergoing teeth whitening treatment, then we recommend speaking with your dentist to discuss your ongoing oral healthcare routine, as some whitening mouthwashes can interfere with your whitening progress.  


Anti-plaque Mouthwash

Sometimes, brushing alone doesn’t do the job. If you’re wondering whether the use of mouthwash is worth it, should you suffer from ongoing oral health complaints such as plaque and tartar build-up, the use of mouthwash, particularly mouthwash that focuses on anti-plaque functions, can help keep your oral health in check. 

The Benefits of Mouthwash

The use of mouthwash is continuously recommended by us at Beyond Dental, particularly when it comes to your ongoing oral healthcare routine. It serves multiple benefits that we will dive into further:

Fights Gum Disease

As mentioned, some mouthwashes contain anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can be a good way of preventing dentistry and are strongly recommended for both pregnant women and those concerned about their gum health. 


In cases like this, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, as once you have unfortunately gotten gum disease, it isn’t yet curable so in terms of gum health, is mouthwash worth it here at Beyond Dental? We would say always.

Strengthen Enamel

Certain mouthwashes have components that strengthen enamel, making teeth more resistant to decay.


Remove Food Debris

The actual motions involved with using mouthwash can help to remove the buildup of food debris in the mouth, particularly in and amongst the gumline. This can help reduce the risk of developing cavities and plaque buildup. 


The Disadvantages of Mouthwash

Alcohol-based Mouthwash

Although alcohol-free mouthwash is becoming more and more popular, alcohol-based mouthwash is still available. This is because alcohol has a strong antimicrobial effect. Still, it’s an extremely harsh material. The use of alcohol-based mouthwash can exacerbate canker sores or mouth ulcers. You should take all of these factors into account when choosing whether or not to use mouthwashes with alcohol.

It’s Not a Replacement

Many believe that mouthwash alone is sufficient for dental hygiene because of its minty freshness. Mouthwash is not as effective as brushing, but it does reach places that a toothbrush does not.


Invest two minutes each day to brush and floss. Mouthwash should support this routine rather than take its place. You might have to debate whether mouthwash is worth it before adding it to your routine, depending on your current oral health or ongoing cosmetic treatments.

Bad Breath

Not everything is fixed with a mouthwash and halitosis is one of them. In some cases, it could be more serious than bad breath and can sometimes just be masking or putting a temporary mask over a deeper oral health issue.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the debate of whether mouthwash is worth it, we would advise that you book an appointment with us and we can give you the correct guidance moving forward with your dental hygiene routines. Mouthwash can be an effective step in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, but it can come with risks if you are using the wrong type or brand so it’s always safe to consult with us here at Beyond Dental before making any decisions going forward.