Give your child the gift of healthy teeth here at Beyond Dental, here we are celebrating Children's Dental Care Month and encourage you do too!

How To Use National Children’s Dental Care Month To Your Advantage

image of dentist and patient for blog on looking after your childrens oral health

February is National Children’s Dental Care Month and here at Beyond Dental, we are bringing awareness to our children’s dental health and encouraging parents to make the most of this month.


As dental professionals, it’s our responsibility to ensure we are giving you the best tools, dental care and advice to share the same routines with your children. Little by little you can contribute to your children’s dental care in the hopes they bring it with them into adulthood.


What Is National Children’s Dental Care Month?

On February 8, 1949, Children’s Dental Care Day was observed for the first time. The ADA extended the celebration to a full month by 1981. National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM) has been promoting children’s dental health for over forty years.


This month is a way for communities to appreciate and gauge how important dental health is, especially for children, and to encourage parents and other adults to recognise the seriousness of dental disease. So we’ve put together a blog for you to get this month started, right? Here are some fun facts for Children’s Dental Care Month.


Oral Health Begins at The Gums

It’s important that, even before your child’s teeth have come in, you are taking care of their gums. Use a clean, soft cloth or an infant toothbrush to go over their gums twice a day, this will keep them protected from any bacteria and keep the gums healthy and ready for their primary teeth.


Visit Us Before Their First Birthday

In most cases, it’s better to book a consultation for your child before they turn one. While they might not have their primary teeth yet, it is crucial for your children’s dental care, as we can give you some tips and advice tailored to your children’s requirements from an early stage.


Tooth Decay Can Start From Day Dot

Brushing, flossing and mouthwash are still important for children, even when they still have their primary teeth. Teaching these healthy oral habits at a young age can not only prevent tooth decay but also instill these habits to maintain healthy, happy gums and teeth.


Safety and Sports

According to the National Institutes of Health, children’s sports and general playtime are responsible for 13% to 39% of all dental injuries. Therefore, to prevent any chips or any early onset dental visits, encourage mouth guards and other safety precautions to contribute to children’s dental care month.


Fluoride Treatments 

When teaching your children healthy oral routines, this will not be useful if they aren’t using the correct things to clean with. For example, opting for things like fluoride toothpaste and adding fluoride to their water is a good way to get them used to the taste but it can also help prevent 80% of cavities compared to if they don’t use fluoride, according to the National Institutes of Health.


How To Make The Most Of National Children’s Dental Care Month

If you don’t know where to start with your newborn or children’s dental care, this is the perfect place to start. Here are some of the professional tips we have to ensure your children’s dental health goes beyond February.

Regular Checkups Here Are Important

Regular checkups here are important not only to encourage healthy habits but also so we can spot any early signs of decay or potential issues. It is recommended that you come once every six months to visit us. So in the spirit of National Children’s Dental Care Month, let’s arrange your appointments now.

Make Brushing Enjoyable

When it’s time for your toddlers and young children to brush their teeth independently or just get them into the bathroom without a tantrum because they know brushing means bedtime, you can attempt to make brushing into a game. This is a great way to help them build a healthy oral hygiene routine but it’s also a great way to add some fun just before bedtime, solidifying a strong relationship with the importance of brushing.

Family Dental Care Visits

To make visits to the dentist more enjoyable for your children, you could book family appointments here at Beyond. This way, your children can see that getting check-ups is normal, not invasive and important.

Children Copy Habits

Brushing your teeth, flossing and using mouthwash with your children is a great way for them to see how it’s done, but they are also most likely to copy these oral hygiene habits if they can observe you doing them. Eventually, you will feel confident enough to let your child do this independently.


Final Thoughts

Here at Beyond Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with the best possible treatment and dental advice. We pride ourselves on making our family dental care plans as fun and welcoming as possible. We encourage that National Children’s Dental Care Month goes beyond February and we are here to support your family through the year so you can keep your children’s oral health at its best all year round.