Find out how to know when your wisdom teeth are coming in! 

How To Know When Wisdom Teeth Are Coming In

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Wisdom teeth are molars that grow in early adulthood, or later, on both the top and bottom of your gums. Some people have all four of their wisdom teeth appear, whilst others don’t have any at all for their whole lives. Monitoring wisdom teeth should be part of your preventative dentistry, as it can make a significant difference when it comes to minimising pain and preventing infection. 

If you think that it might be happening, or want to find out what to look out for in the future, here are four different ways to help with how to know when wisdom teeth are coming in! 



One of the first signs that you need to look out for when learning how to know when wisdom teeth are coming in is experiencing pain. You are likely to start to notice an ache or pain at the back of the jaw. For some people, this is as bad as the pain gets, but for others, the pain gets much more unbearable over time. 

You should be visiting your dentist at least every 6 months, but if you notice pain developing between appointments, it is really important that you book an appointment so they can rule out any more severe issues and get you booked in to have your wisdom teeth removed if necessary. 

It is also possible for you to feel pain in other areas, such as the ears, caused by the eruption of the tooth being blocked by something. As soon as you experience pain like this, consult your dentist. The movement of the wisdom teeth can also cause headaches, so this is another type of pain to look out for when it comes to how to know when wisdom teeth are coming in. 



Another sign to look out for when wondering how to know when wisdom teeth are coming in is if there is blood in the area. The impact of your teeth being pushed through the gums comes with a lot of pressure, often leading to bleeding. Again, bleeding can be a sign of very serious oral health problems, so if you do experience this, don’t just dismiss it as being related to your wisdom teeth and leave it there. Consult your dentist and they will help to make sure that the bleeding is normal. 



If you aren’t experiencing any pain or bleeding, x-rays can identify when your wisdom teeth are coming through. Your dentist should be conducting x-rays if they believe the wisdom teeth are coming through so that everyone can be prepared for when it does finally happen and to prevent any issues from arising as soon as possible. X-rays help to identify so many other dental issues as well, so should be a part of your oral health evaluations. 

The main benefit of identifying when wisdom teeth are coming through is that they can be detected early on to prevent debilitating pain, as well as reduce the chance for infections to arise. Removal can be organised, to help you remain as comfortable as possible in the long run. 


Final thoughts on how to know when wisdom teeth are coming in

If you think your wisdom teeth might be coming in, get in touch with us and you can speak to one of our experts. We understand how painful and uncomfortable it can be, so we are here to help resolve issues for our patients as soon as possible. Often, we can get you in for a same-day consultation! So, don’t suffer any longer and contact us at Beyond Dental.