Find out our top tips on how to get over a fear of the dentist!

How To Get Over A Fear Of The Dentist


Having a fear of the dentist can make your life extremely difficult, especially if you are suffering from toothache or a dental complaint. As a result, you may find that your oral, and overall, health can be affected as a result. If you have dentophobia, then you’ve likely looked into how to get over a fear of the dentist in order to allow you to visit the dentist, fear-free. 

Your fear of the dentist could have stemmed from a previous bad dental experience, or maybe from worry or uncertainty around treatment and the pain involved. Here at Beyond Dental, our team of dentists and nurses are well-experienced in dealing with patients who have fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist. 

We understand that, whatever caused your fear of the dentist, you may be keen to seek dental help if you are in pain or discomfort, or if the cosmetic appearance of your teeth is affecting your confidence. Here, we take a look at how to get over a fear of the dentist and how we can help you. 


Our 3 Top Tips For How To Get Over A Fear Of The Dentist

Visit A Good Dentist

One of the best ways of how to get over a fear of the dentist is to consider changing your dentist. The dentist you visit will make a huge difference to your fear and anxiety levels when it comes to your next checkup. Whilst a lot of NHS dentists make the effort to calm nervous patients, sometimes they don’t have the time to give inbetween appointments in order to put you at ease. If you are particularly fearful or anxious about visiting the dentist, it may be worth visiting a private dentist, instead. 

We’re a private dental practice, and can dedicate the time before your appointment to go through any nerves or anxieties you may have about your checkup, especially if you let us know you’re looking for how to get over a fear of the dentist. You can relax before your appointment in our luxury waiting room and enjoy a chilled can of Kombucha, then chat with your dentist in a neutral environment, away from the dentist chair. Once we know what your fears or anxities are, we can work with you to make your next visit as relaxed as possible. 

We also use the latest in dental technology, including our 5D scanner, so that we can reduce the time it takes to complete your treatment. We can also use our dental technology to keep treatment minimally invasive. By using the 5D scanner, we can quickly identify – and show you – any areas where treatment will need to be carried. 


Use Distractions

If one of the main worries for you when visiting the dentist is the noise of the drills or sound of the tools used, then one of the best things to do if you’re looking at how to get over a fear of the dentist is to use distraction techniques. Many dentists will allow you to use headphones whilst you’re sat in their chair to listen to music or a podcast if this will help distract you and will suggest a signal you can use if things are getting a bit uncomfortable, or if you need a break.

Here at Beyond Dental, our clinics are designed with luxury in mind, as well as the comfort of our patients. Our dental treatment rooms all have comfy dentist chairs, with TVs in the screen so that you can watch your favourite show or listen to music whilst we get to work on your smile. 


Bring Someone With You

If you’re looking for how to get over a fear of the dentist, one of the best things you can do is bring a family member or friend with you! Often, having someone you know and trust to sit with you before your appointment can be enough to calm any nerves or feelings of worry and knowing that they’re sat waiting for you after your appointment can help to keep you calm during your appointment. 

No matter if you’re a new patient or have visited us before, we do all that we can to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable during your appointment. If you’re due a checkup, book your appointment today, or contact us for more information if you’re looking for how to get over a fear of the dentist. 

Infographic About Overcoming Dental Anxiety